Bike Repair Shop

Abbey Bike Works is a full mobile cycle repair shop. By mobile we mean to tell you that we come to you instead of you coming to us. This is the key difference between us and others where you have to load up your bike and take it to the service guy and here we will come to your site in no time and handle all the repairs on site. All you got to do is to give us a phone call and you are all set.

We repair all kinds of bikes from mountain bikes to even custom made ones due to our sheer expertise in this field. We also repair those bike cruisers and commuters.

Repair Charges

Here at Abbey, we do not charge you in packages as we find such things quite useless. We don’t want to charge you for things we did not repair or probably never going to touch. Many repair services come in packages, take an entire package and then find out that you almost never require the repairs and you waste a ton of money. We want to charge you for exactly what was broken. We charge you for what we fix and nothing else. This way is the real way you save money. How much likely is it that you keep breaking your bike?

We at Abbey Bike Works are highly experienced and skilled people to handle your bike repairs. You don’t want to hire some inexperienced new kid to handle your bike and he may fail to fix the real problem and then you have to waste your time and money. Hire Abbey and you never have to look any where else. We repair bikes nicely and at the best possible rates.

Our charges range from $30 to $250 that includes from tune ups to overhaul and even suspension services. The rates that you see here are all fixed based on $50 per hour. We know how much time a particular service will take and we charge them on hourly basis. We don’t price you in hourly basis because then there is a risk of a technician taking longer time than usual, so we have estimated our times for each type of repair service and priced it accordingly so there is no problem of false time increase. We don’t like uncertainty and thus prices are fixed and are extremely reasonable.

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